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Helicopter Photography

What Type of Helicopter is Used?

The Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters are the ideal aerial photography platform for numerous reasons:

  •   Excellent field of view – removable doors
  •   Unrestricted movement – no flight controls in your way
  •   Reach your target quickly – fast cruising speed
  •   More interesting angles – helicopters can fly lower and slower than airplanes
  •   Wait for the perfect shot – helicopters can hold position in a hover
  •   Excellent value – lowest rental cost of comparable light helicopters

How Are Your Services Priced?

Aerial photography flights that are not under a volume-based agreement have a one hour minimum booking time. A deposit may be required to hold a reservation. For a quote, please call 817-625-1800 or email us.

Gyro Rental Available!

Clients demand incredibly sharp pictures and smooth filming. Stabilize your shot by renting our gyro stabilizing device for $375 per day. A must for low-light shots and any type of filming.