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FAA Approved Helicopter Tours Epic Helicopters

Epic Helicopters is the leader in professional helicopter flight instruction.

  •    FAA Part 141 Approved Training Academy
  •    Private one-on-one instruction
  •    Factory Authorized Maintenance Center
  •    Highly experienced instructors
  •    No binding contracts
  •    Make your own schedule
  •    Student Career Days
  •    New helicopters and modern facilities
  •    Advanced training private practice sites
  •    Locally owned and operated
  •    Approved to train non-immigrant alien students
    Special Training Courses Course Estimate 
   R66 Turbine Transition Course  $6,660
   Pilot Refresher Course - R44 (Part 141)  3,895
   Pilot Refresher Course - R22 (Part 141)  2,425

    Professional Pilot Program Part 61 Course Listing* Course Estimate 
   Private Helicopter Pilot $16,175
   Commercial Helicopter Pilot 28,560
   Instrument Rating 15,585
   Certified Flight Instructor 6,625
   Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII) 2,320
Professional Pilot Program Total (Estimate) $69,265

    Other Part 61 Course Offerings* Course Estimate 
   Private Helicopter Pilot Additional Rating 9,700
   Commercial Helicopter Pilot Additional Rating 15,450
   Airline Transport Pilot Course 4,750
   R-22 Transition Course 3,165
   R-44 Transition Course 5,930
   Flight Review 350
   Mountain Flying Course 11,000
   Full-Down Autorotation Course 4,065

* For FAA approved Part 141 courses or non-immigrant alien student pricing and information, please contact Epic Helicopters. Prices subject to change without notice.