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A Commercial Helicopter Pilot Additional Rating allows you to add a rotorcraft category and helicopter class ratings to your existing Pilot license. An Instrument Rating is not required to complete this course, although recommended for pilots on our Career Program.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  Candidates must hold at minimum a Private Pilot license for airplanes.

Eligibility Requirements

  •   Read, speak, write and understand English
  •   Hold at least a current 3rd class medical certificate
  •   Be 18 years of age or older
Commercial Pilot Additional Rating Course
Block Rate
Dual Flight Instruction
Solo Flight
Ground Instruction
Books and Supplies
FAA Practical Test
Commercial Pilot Additional Rating Course (estimate)*

* Hours are based on Part 61 FAA minimums, not average completion times. Candidates with no helicopter experience will likely require an average of 10 more hours of dual flight instruction. Rates listed for the R22 are block rates, available when customer chooses cash deposit option of $3,000 deposit increments. Add $10/hr for regular rate on aircraft rental. Prices for books & supplies, the knowledge test, the FAA’s practical test and your medical certificate may vary slightly.