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The Mountain Flying Course is designed for the pilot who wants to gain valuable high altitude training experience, broaden their cross country skills, flight planning, use of radio aids and navigational equipment and crew resource management. This is an advanced level course recommended for pilots wishing to increase their level of proficiency tremendously.

The exciting 3-day course, set in the mountains of New Mexico, will provide you with the training necessary to operate in mountainous terrain and high altitude conditions in confidence. The course includes common areas of concern such as: power management, density altitude, orographic turbulence, unique weather considerations, and emergency procedures.

The Robinson R44 helicopter is used for the course for its better safety margins operating at higher altitudes. As a bonus, pilots will log cross-country, density altitude 5000’+ and even some instrument time during enroute cross countries.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  Hold at least an FAA Private Helicopter Pilot license
  Hold a PIC endorsement for the R44 (see R44 transition course)

Eligibility Requirements

  •   Hold an FAA private helicopter pilot license
  •   Read, speak, write and understand English
  •   Hold at least a third class medical certificate


$11,000 - Includes all ground and flight instruction, helicopter rental, lodging for 2 nights, 7 meals, tax and fuel.