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Romance in the Air

The Ultimate Date. Period.

For fly-in dinner dates, private helicopter picnics, custom pickup locations or other special requests, please call our office or request a helicopter charter quote.

Romance In the Air
Departs from Fort Worth
25 minutes

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Our basic tour of Fort Worth with flyovers of the historic Stockyards, Texas Christian University, downtown Fort Worth, the museum district and other notable Fort Worth landmarks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between airplane tours and helicopter?
Is the price listed per person?
Weight restrictions?
Bad weather or windy days?
Flight cancellations or postponements?
Do you issue refunds?
Can I apply any gift certificate to a tour?
How old do children need to be?
Can the helicopter drop us off at dinner or somewhere else?
Can I add an upgrade to any tour?
Can I bring my own music?
When should I arrive?
Can I bring a camera?
Can I bring a video camera?
What are my payment options?
Departure/Arrival location?
Special Events and Private Tours?

What’s the difference between airplane tours and helicopter?

Quite simply, it’s what you get to see. Helicopters are authorized to fly at lower altitudes and the visibility from a helicopter is superior with every seat having an unobstructed view. Helicopters also have access to airspace that airplanes do not, such as close-in fly-bys of downtown Dallas or flights right down the middle of DFW airport.

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Is the Price Listed Per Person?

Holiday light tours are priced per person with the exception of the private Santa’s Mega Tour, which is priced for a group of up to 4 passengers. All tours except Holiday Light Tours and Fireworks Show Spectacular are priced as the total price of the tour, which includes up to 3 passengers. For these tours, we can accommodate 4 passengers, but alternate pricing will apply. We may fill empty seats on tours if a “sell out” is not purchased by the customer.

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Weight Restrictions?

Acceptable passenger loads change depending on how much fuel weight is carried onboard for your flight. Because this is different each flight, leave the complicated weight loading to us. In general, you should know that each passenger and their belongings must weigh 300 lbs or less. The total weight of all passengers is subject to limitations depending on fuel weight onboard. Try to have your passenger names and weights available at the time of booking. If passenger weight information is not available at the time of booking, you may book the flight, but we will need passenger weights 48 hours prior to departure. Your booking agent will inform you if the total passenger weight for your flight is not within limits.

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Bad Weather or a Windy Day?

Your pilot is a trained weather observer that will decide whether the flight will launch based on available weather information. Generally, tours will not launch when there is widespread thunderstorm activity, lightning in the vicinity, low visibility, low cloud ceilings or extreme turbulence. If a flight is cancelled or postponed, we try our hardest to notify you by phone 2 hours before the flight. In the event the flight is canceled for that day, Epic Helicopters will keep your balance on account and the tour will be rescheduled by a booking agent who will be in touch with you the following business day.

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Flight Cancellations and Delays

On rare occasions, a flight may be cancelled or postponed due to airspace restrictions, weather or other reasons out of our control. You will be notified by phone in a timely manner if this situation occurs. Sometimes, weather-related postponements will delay your departure a few hours. Your pilot will make this decision and ask whether you would like to delay departure or re-book the flight for another time at no charge. Please note that tour routes shown may vary due to air traffic control, weather, flight restrictions or other reasons beyond our control.

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Do You Issue Refunds?

Refunds will be processed less a $25 flight cancellation charge deducted from the refund amount. Refunds processed within 72 hours of the reservation time will incur a $100 flight cancellation charge deducted from the refund amount. Any tour may be rescheduled to a different date or time without penalty and subject to availability. Alternately, the account balance may be converted to a gift certificate for a discovery flight or helicopter tour without penalty. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund on certain upgrades requiring special arrangements. Please note that all gift certificate sales are final.

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Can I Apply any Gift Certificate Toward a Helicopter Tour?

Yes. Simply call the office for redemption. Please be sure to bring the gift certificate with you the day of the tour or credit cannot be applied.

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How Old Do Children Need to Be?

Children under 13 must be accompanied by at least one adult. Younger children will need to wait until their 4th birthday to experience an Epic Helicopters tour.

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Can the Helicopter Drop Us Off at Dinner or Somewhere Else?

We offer many signature travel arrangements that are custom quoted. You can use the helicopter charter reservation form to let us know what itinerary you have in mind. If you need help with ideas, we have plenty of them. Dinner dates, BBQ fly-in lunch, private remote picnics, spa and resort getaways and more! Just call to learn more. 817-625-1800 or 214-296-2289.

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Can I add an upgrade to any tour?

Yes. Several of our tours offer upgrades that you may not find listed under other tours. We are happy to accommodate your requests to make your flight unforgettable. For these types of requests, please call our office to speak with a booking agent at 817-625-1800.

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Can I Bring My Own Music?

Bring your iPod along with your favorite songs and we’ll pipe your music through the headsets. Or, if you would like, you can listen to your pilot interact with air traffic controllers. We’ll leave that choice up to you!

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When Should I Arrive?

We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your departure. There will be some paperwork and a safety briefing conducted before your flight.

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Can I Bring a Camera?

Of course! Bring your camera so you can enjoy the memories. While still photography is allowed, video recording is not allowed.

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Can I Bring a Video Camera?

We regret that video recording is not permitted on our tour flights.

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What Are My Payment Options?

Payment in full is required at the time of booking. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Cash or personal check.

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Departure/Arrival Location

Helicopter tours depart from Addison Airport and Fort Worth Meacham Airport unless a custom flight itinerary has been arranged. See Special Events and Private Tours for information on custom tailored departure locations.

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Special Events and Private Tours

Private helicopter tours are great for birthday parties, fundraisers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family gatherings or other special occasions. Tours can be conducted away from Epic’s home base provided there is a safe landing zone, written permission is given from the land owner and city code does not restrict helicopter operations. Your booking agent will be able to investigate these items for you. A minimum charge may apply for event coordination, securing applicable authorizations and the presence of trained ground crew to ensure the highest level of safety during the operation.

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